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We provide a number of specialist geotechnical solutions including - piling and anchors, pile testing, site investigation, geotechnical design and embedded walls.

Our design service is second to none. Whether it be pile foundations, site investigations or any other of our specialist areas of expertise, we will be responsible for the successful resolution of your project.

See below our specialist areas with links to their dedicated pages.

Piling and Anchors

We offer design solutions for all types of piled foundation in common use in the UK:

Our design service in this field is second to none. Pile foundations are our specialist area of expertise and we have been responsible for the design of many tens of thousands of piles installed in the UK over the past two decades.

Piles can be separated into four main types:

Bored / Drilled (Replacement) Piles
Driven Preformed & Replacement Piles

Self Drilling Mircropiles

Ground Anchors

We can identify the most suitable piling solution based upon the specific requirements of the structure and site.

Geotechnical Design

As experienced geotechnical engineers we offer a full range of services to address frequently occurring issues. Click the links below out find out more...

Slope Stability Analysis and Remediation
Reinforced Earth
Load Transfer Platforms 
Working Platforms
Earth Retention
Reinforced Concrete Substructures
Advanced Numerical Analysis

Please click on the links to the left for more information, should you wish to discuss anything in more detail please feel free to contact us.

Embedded Walls

This market is one of our key areas of interest and one within which we have been increasingly active in the last ten years. We have designed freestanding cantilever walls with up to 9.0 metres retained without detrimental effects on adjacent structures, as well as anchored walls and walls requiring propping.

We are specialists in the design of embedded retaining walls for use as basement walls, temporary works support or as independent retaining structures. The following types of walls can be designed to suit your requirements, click on the links to go to the subject.

Wall Types

Contiguous bored pile walls

Secant walls

Diaphragm walls

Sheet pile walls/cofferdams

King post (Berlin) walls

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